Recession fears surge among financial experts

Inflation Is Up Gas Prices Up And Americans Are Worried Their Worry Is Up As Well When It Comes To Financial Security Absolutely President Biden Insists A Recession Is Not Inevitable Despite

Some Experts Forecasting It Could Happen Within The Next 12 To 18 Months

So Economists Surveyed By The Wall Street Journal Have Dramatically Raised The Possibility Of A Recession Putting It At 44

 By Next Year Now That Is Up From 28 Predicted In The Journal's Last Survey In April So When The Last Recession Began You'll Recall In February 2020 Experts Assigned A 26 Probability Joining Us 

The Economists We Just Surveyed There Is To Say That Most Do Not Predict A Recession In The Next 12 To 18 Months 

So This May Not Be A Certainty We Should Remember That But Let's Remind People Uh What A Recession

Is Because It's Not Just A Feeling Uh There's A Definition Um And How Likely Do You Think It Is That We're Going To Enter One So A Recession Is A Period Of Um Economic

Contraction Defined By Two Straight Quarters Of Declining Growth And They're Notoriously Hard To Predict But Wall Street Analysts Are Increasingly Um

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