ONE NATION. ONE TEAM. 23 Stories: Becky Sauerbrunn

i'm Becky Sauerbrunn  And This Is My story

i Would Stay On The Field I'm Kind Of A no-nonsense Defender Fly Under The Radar

i Think It's A Good Game If You Don't hear My Name A Whole Lot I've Never Been

a Real Attention Seeker On Or Off The field And I Think Defenders Are Kind Of known For Being Really Blue-collar

And so Yeah I Think That Fits My Personality and I Think That Kind Of Drew Me To The position In The First Place

Job That are Very Glamorous But It's Very difficult You're Away From Your Friends and Family For Large Parts Of The Year

every Single Day You're In This Really tough Environment Where You're Competing against World-class Players 

You're Also competing With Yourself And That Can Be really Taxing And I Think Reading For Me

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