10 Things You Didn't Know About Amber Heard | Amber Heard's Lifestyle | 

Amber Heard was Born April 22nd 1986 In Austin Texas

The Age Of 17 She Moved To Los angeles By Herself To Try To Start Her acting Career

Amber heard First Film Role Was In the 2004 Movie Friday Night Lights Her first Leading Film Role Came In 2006

Dropped Out of High School To Become A Model although Amber Was Interested In Acting

According To Scientific theory She's The Most Beautiful Female celebrity In The World

Amber Heard Best Friend Sadly Died In A Car crash When She Was 16 The Toughest emotional Challenge

Amber Heard her First Leading Role Was In A Horror film After Playing Minor Roles In several Feature Films

Amber Heard Net worth Is Nine Million Dollars Amber Has worked Constantly Since Moving To Los angeles At The Age Of 17 She's Earned millions Through Her Various Movie Roles in Pineapple Express

Her First Major Tv Series Was canceled After Only Eight Episodes After some Minor Film Roles And Tv Appearances

A Fight Over Johnny Depp's dying Mother Reportedly Led To Their divorce Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

She Had A longtime Girlfriend Before Her relationship With Johnny Depp

An Australian Government official Threatened To Euthanize Her dogs In 2015

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